On Trilogy's Quality

  • “People’s lives depend on our products. We’re very selective about our vendors. That speaks volumes about our trust in Trilogy.”
  • “They’re top notch in all areas, they’re my top vendor.”
  • “Extremely high quality.”
  • “There’s not another vendor even close in my 22-year career that has had this level of quality.”
  • “My failure rate is so much lower than 1%, it’s ridiculous.”
  • “The production quality is as good as I have had.”
  • “I would recommend Trilogy to anyone, except my competitors.”

On Trilogy's Service

  • “I can always count on them to do what they say they’re going to do. Even though they’ve grown, I get the same great service from them today that I got from them 6 or 7 years ago.”
  • “Their willingness to go the extra mile is phenomenal.”
  • “They bend over backwards to meet our needs.”
  • “The people are great to deal with.”
  • “They supply extra parts when we need them and go out of their way to make recommendations to improve the product.”
  • “Trilogy has gone the extra mile in so many ways. They’re very adaptable, customer-focused, very responsive.”
  • “From a program management, tracking and status perspective, Trilogy is on-the-ball. If there’s ever an issue, they bring solutions.”
  • “Bottom line…they care.”