Printed Circuit Board Layout & Design

At Trilogy, we employ only senior-level designers with more than 10 years of hands-on design experience. Also, each designer is IPC certified (CID / CID+), which means that they have personally invested the time and effort to advance their skills by studying and passing a comprehensive written test covering every aspect of the PCB design, fabrication and assembly processes. We incorporate IPC standards into each design to ensure accuracy and compliance with DFM/DFA requirements.

    Design Capabilities

  • Surface mount/Through hole – BGA, µBGA and Chip Scale
  • Wire bond/COB – Controlled Impedance
  • Microvia – Blind and Buried Via
  • Diff Pairs/Matched Lengths – DFM, DFT, DFA

    Design Disciplines

  • Analog/RF – High-speed Digital
  • Flex/Rigid-flex – EVM/Reference Cards
  • Motherboards – Antenna Boards
  • Backplanes – Probe Cards
  • Test Cards – UL, CE and IPC Compliance